As a Spiritual Medium, Yesenia works closely with her divinely loving angels and spirit
                     guides to help people communicate with heaven.  

                      MEDIUM READING - The loss of a loved one, including a pet, is one of the most
                      traumatic experiences we can have in our lives. Often, the healing process takes years
                      before we can return to a somewhat "normal" life. 

                      In a Medium Reading, Yesenia speaks with the client's departed loved ones and angels.
                      She shares loving and healing messages they have for the client, and often answers
                      questions the client has for their loved ones. Although no particular loved one or secret
                      message can ever be guaranteed, Yesenia's clients regularly leave satisfied and at peace.

                      Medium Readings are a very special and personal experience. You may have up to two
                      other family members in the reading with you if you like. The second and third family                                               member will pay a reduced price at the time of the reading.  Visit the Reservation Page
                      to book an In-person or phone Medium Reading.

                      PSYCHIC READING -  If you have ever wondered about your life, including past events,
                      current events or even your future, then a Psychic Reading with Yesenia is for you. 

                            During a Psychic Reading, Yesenia will speak with your angles and spirit guides to answer
                      your most personal questions and provide you with guidance right from heaven.

                      To book an In-person or phone Psychic Reading, visit the Reservation Page.

                           GROUP READING - A Group Reading allows for multiple family members, friends or
                      people with a common interest to receive messages from departed loved ones, angels
                      and spirit guides in a larger group setting. This type of reading is great for someone
                      who just wants to see what the process is like before they commit to a private reading.

                      If you would like to book a Group Reading for four (4) or more people, or to find out more,
                      please visit the Contact Page and send your request.

                           SEANCE - Imagine 7 to 10 of your closest family and friends seated together at a table,
                      holding hands, in an attempt to experience spirits first hand. Yesenia will invite loving
                      and friendly spirits to join the group and speak with us. The spirits are usually loved ones,
                      who just want to stop by and say, "Hello." The difference between this and a personal or
                      group Medium Reading, is that you get the opportunity to see, hear and feel the presence
                      of loving spirits yourself. As any real medium will advise their clients, no particular message
                      or visit is guaranteed. It is always up to the spirits if they choose to show up and what they
                      decide to tell us.


* DISCLAIMER: Since it is up to those in heaven to communicate with us, there is no guarantee that a particular spirit, angel or guide will visit or relay a particular message. * Cancelled readings will be rescheduled at the earliest possible time. Refunds are not provided at this time.